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News | Jan 16, 2008


CYBERSPACE (AP) – So, what is Katie Couric like when she isn’t on the air live? People checking out comedian Harry Shearer’s Web site have gotten a good idea, thanks to a video of her preparing for a live shot while covering the New Hampshire primary. The tape appears to come from one of those raw feeds that people get through high-end satellite hookups. During the down time between reports, Couric laughs quite a bit more often than she does during her nightly news show on CBS, most of the time, poking fun at herself. But she also mocks Dan Rather’s criticism of her taking over the anchor job. Remember, Rather was quoted as saying his former network was “tarting” up the news by hiring Couric as his full-time successor. After Couric gets her hair, makeup and clothing arranged, she declares with a big grin: “This tart is ready to go!”

On the ‘Net:
Harry Shearer’s site: http://www.mydamnchannel.com