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Sources: NJ Gov’s Budget Suspends Tax Rebates

Local News, News | Mar 15, 2010

Sources: NJ Gov’s Budget Suspends Tax Rebates

Legislative leaders say New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is preparing to introduce a $29.2 billion budget that suspends property tax rebates, cuts aid to schools and towns and skips a $3 billion contribution to the state pension system.

The legislative leaders, who were briefed Sunday on the governor’s plans, spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the budget before Christie introduces the proposal Tuesday.

Under Christie’s budget, no one will get a property tax rebate check this year. Senior citizens, the disabled and low-income wage earners will see checks at last year’s levels next April.

The budget also proposes more than $1 billion in municipal and school aid cuts.

Christie’s budget again skips the state’s annual contribution the pension system for public workers. The system is underfunded by $46 billion.

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