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90.5 The NIGHT Joins 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting

Announcements | Jan 19, 2011

90.5 The NIGHT Joins 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting

Did you know that more than half of all Americans use public media every month?

It’s true.  Each month, 170,000,000 Americans turn to a network of 368 public television stations, 934 public radio stations, hundreds of public media online services and more for non-partisan news, cultural programming and educational programs.  America’s public broadcasters must meet the high standards of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting by working with each other and hundreds of national, local producers, community partners to inform, inspire and entertain.

Despite these tremendous benefits and the support it enjoys from the vast majority of Americans, public broadcasting faces a rising tide of opposition from a vocal, motivated minority determined to slash all federal support for the industry.  It is clear that 2011 will find public broadcasting again under attack.

It’s time for 170,000,000 Americans to say, “No!” to those efforts.  It’s time for 170,000,000 Americans to say, “Yes!” to protecting our unique public broadcasting assets.

To make those voices heard, America’s public television and radio stations have come together to launch an unprecedented project – “170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting” – to create a network of local rallying points for members, listeners, viewers and others who value public media as a source of non-partisan news, local cultural programming and non-commercial educational programs.  Brookdale Public Radio is proud to be a part of that effort.

And, now, we’re asking you to join as well.

The heart of the project is a web site – 170MillionAmericans.org – that gives supporters of public media a way to register their support and to put that support into action.  Please check out the site and lend your name to this important effort.  It takes just a few seconds of your time, a few clicks at the keyboard, and three pieces of information – your name, email address and ZIP code. The impact of your participation will be felt all year long as we stand up for America’s public broadcasters.

This is an exciting project. We look forward to updating you on its progress and our participation in coming months.  In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or suggestions.



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