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Discover the On-Air Blog This Columbus Day

On-Air Blog | Oct 08, 2012

Discover the On-Air Blog This Columbus Day

OK, I admit, that was pretty bad, but it got you here…right?  Make sure to check out the embed codes to listen to some tracks I put up there today.  Oh yeah, you can also become a hand of mine on Facebook (here)

If you’re a fan of Aimee Mann, you’ll have plenty of chances to see her in the area.  Check out her tour page for details (here)

For some strange reason I think the video for Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s “Only In My Dreams” is great.  See it for yourself: (here)

It appears that Juliana Hatfield‘s new CD is going old school.  There are no iTunes or Amazon links on her site just a link to PayPal or a way you can send in a check.  Check it out (here)

Looks like the new Mumford & Sons new album ‘Babel’ has debuted at number 1 and had the strongest album debut of the year.  Read (more)

Just found out Beth Orton has a video for her new song Magpie.  Check it out (here)

You can get all the fun embed codes (for listening to songs) by reading on…