The Night: 13 by The Baseball Project
Altrok: Someday Someway by Marshall Crenshaw
BSR: Apple Of My Eye by Ed Harcourt
FMFlashback: Stranded in the Jungle by New York Dolls
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NEW YORK (AP) – Donald Fagen of Steely Dan believes part of being an artist is dealing with people he knows asking if he wrote a song about them. Fagen says luckily his wife is used to it. Most of the time, he combines the events of two people he knows and then tweaks the story for his purposes, sometimes way further than the truth. Fagen says for example, he knows plenty of people who are in denial about breakups but none of them have grown a fin and can breathe underwater, like in his new song, “I’m Not The Same Without You.” His new solo album, “Sunken Condoes,” is out now.