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Submerged superstorm debris threatens tourism

Local News, News | Feb 18, 2013

Submerged superstorm debris threatens tourism

MANTOLOKING, N.J. (AP) — Coastal areas of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut are racing to remove untold tons of debris from waters hardest hit Superstorm Sandy.

If boaters and swimmers can’t go safely in the water this summer, the region risks losing valuable tourist dollars.

It won’t be easy, fast or cheap. In New Jersey, much of the work will involve cranes atop barges plucking debris from the bottom. Divers could be used for smaller pieces.

New Jersey plans to use federal emergency funds to pay for the work.

The debris includes cars and boats, furniture, pieces of docks, entire houses, amusement rides and miles of sand that must be dredged and replaced on beaches.