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Murky Menendez prostitution claims keep shifting

Local News | Mar 07, 2013

Murky Menendez prostitution claims keep shifting

WASHINGTON (AP) — Murky allegations involving Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez, a top campaign donor and prostitutes in the Dominican Republic are twisting in confusing new directions. The latest: A woman’s sworn affidavit that she was paid to lie when she claimed she had slept with the senator — and a media brawl over her role in a story that ignited the furor in the first place.

The conservative Daily Caller website defended publishing the sensational prostitution claims, even as ABC News confirmed that the Dominican woman who’s come forward was among two self-described prostitutes who peddled the story less than a week before New Jersey voters re-elected Menendez in November.

Menendez has always maintained the allegations are false and has seized on the affidavit to claim his eventual vindication in the Dominican courts.