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COLUMBIA, South Carolina (AP) – What was supposed to have been settled back in 2009 – is now unsettled again. The South Carolina Supreme Court has tossed out an agreement on how to divvy up James Brown’s estate. The court says the former state attorney general who brokered the deal didn’t follow Brown’s wishes. The deal saw Brown’s multimillion dollar estate split up by having half given to a charitable trust, a quarter to his widow, Tomi Ray Hynie and leaving the rest to be split among his adult children. But the justices noted Brown’s will said wanted most – not just half – of his money to go to charity. The South Carolina Chief Justice says if the settlement had been allowed to stand, it might discourage others from leaving the bulk of their estate to charity, since those wishes could be overturned.
James Brown died on Christmas Day 2006 at age 73.