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NJ DOT launches push to fill highway potholes

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — State transportation crews have launched their annual push to fill the potholes that show up across the state each spring.

DOT workers fill potholes year-round, but spring is the time when many potholes form due to temperature fluctuations above and below the freezing mark.

Water seeps into pavement cracks and expands when it freezes. The expansion deepens the crack and weakens the pavement, leading to a pothole.

Officials say major roadway rehabilitation investments in recent years on heavily traveled roads such as Interstates 295, 78, 80 and 287 have helped limit the number of potholes.

Potholes can create safety hazards and can damage vehicles, so motorists are urged to report any pothole they observe on a state or interstate highway.