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Police arrest a Central Jersey man after standoff

Local News | Apr 23, 2013

Police arrest a Central Jersey man after standoff

WEST LONG BRANCH, N.J. (APP) – After a three hour stand off with police, a central New Jersey man was arrested with a machete and an arsenal of knives after a special group of trained officers entered his home.According to local residents identifying the man as Robert Powers, 47, he had been suffering from health and family problems. Owner of the Brighton Bar Greg Macolino, 45, asked police to talk Powers of out his apartment; police declined.

Police had received a call from the man’s father after the two had gotten into a fight resulting in the father getting a scrape on the knee and a cut on the head.

Officers arrived on the scene around 5:30 PM after telling local residents to stay inside, setting up a two block-radius blockade and establishing a no-fly zone over the area to prevent the media from interfering. Upon firing five canisters of tear gas into the bungalow, authorities rushed the door and make their arrest.

The charges against Powers are pending and the investigation is still ongoing.