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NJ Dems too divided to press Christie on guns

Local News | May 06, 2013

NJ Dems too divided to press Christie on guns

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — If New Jersey Democrats were to put a bill before Gov. Chris Christie limiting high-capacity magazines to 10 rounds of ammunition, he would have to find some middle ground between voters who want stricter gun laws and the Republican primary voters across the country who don’t.

That could be a challenge for the popular Republican, who is seeking re-election in his blue-leaning home state and harboring national ambitions as a possible GOP presidential candidate in 2016.

But Democrats have not been united enough to make it happen.

The Assembly passed the magazine limit in February, but Senate President Stephen Sweeney’s gun violence proposals doesn’t include changing the limit, now at 15 rounds.

Christie’s challenger, Sen. Barbara Buono, supports lowering the magazine limit.