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NJ’s largest paper threatens unions with closure

Local News | Jun 27, 2013

NJ’s largest paper threatens unions with closure

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A union official says the owners of the Star-Ledger are trying to “pound” its unions into submission by threatening to close New Jersey’s largest newspaper if it can’t get major contract concessions.

President Ed Shown of the Council of Star-Ledger Unions was responding Wednesday to a letter the publisher sent to the staff. The letter said the owners would shut the paper down by year’s end if production unions don’t agree to concessions by Sept. 27.

It also said the unions were not engaging in meaningful negotiations.

Shown says management demanded 55 percent of the unions’ wage package. He says that shows a lack of meaningful negotiation on the company’s part. He says the unions are willing to negotiate a fair contract to ensure the Ledger remains a thriving newspaper.