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NJ comptroller uncovers school lunch scheme

Local News | Jul 18, 2013

NJ comptroller uncovers school lunch scheme

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey’s comptroller says 83 public employees lied about their incomes so their children could qualify for free or reduced-cost school lunches.

Matthew Boxer has referred their names, along with the names of 26 family members, to officials for prosecution.

The referrals are the result of the state comptroller’s investigation of 15 school districts.

The comptroller says the probe uncovered widespread fraud in a program meant to serve children in needy families.

Boxer says 40 of the violators work for school districts and six are elected school board members.

The president of the Elizabeth board of education resigned this year after being charged with stealing from the free school lunch program by filing false applications for her own children.

Marie Munn said she repaid the school district.