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Still displaced by Sandy, some ask pols for help

Local News | Aug 16, 2013

Still displaced by Sandy, some ask pols for help

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — New Jerseyans who still can’t return to their storm-damaged homes 10 months after Superstorm Sandy appealed for help from state legislators.

At a hearing on post-Sandy rebuilding Thursday, residents spoke of mountains of paperwork, endless phone calls, and runarounds and rejections.

Simone Dannecker of Union Beach is fighting her mortgage company for the right to stay in their home. She says she works 20 hours a week as a bank teller, and spends another 20 writing letters, filling out paperwork and making phone calls.

They fell behind on the mortgage because they started to repair and rebuild their home after the storm.

Lee Ann Newland of Neptune still can’t return to her home, yet must still pay its mortgage and taxes. She says she’s frustrated and exhausted.