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NJ wants Sandy money shifted to housing repairs

Local News | Nov 07, 2013

NJ wants Sandy money shifted to housing repairs

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — As many as 1,100 families on waiting lists for help rebuilding their homes after Superstorm Sandy could benefit from a plan New Jersey has to move additional storm recovery funds to repair programs.

The state’s Department of Community Affairs is asking the federal government to let it change how it plans to use some of the Sandy disaster relief funds the state received.

New Jersey wants to transfer $160 million from a small business grant and loan program and use it to rebuild houses that can be saved, or knock down ones that can’t.

Commissioner Richard Constable says demand for housing help far exceeded available aid, resulting in a waiting list. He says 800 to 1,100 families could get off the list and be paid under the proposal.