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Booker goes to Washington a celebrity and senator

Local News | Nov 11, 2013

Booker goes to Washington a celebrity and senator

WASHINGTON (AP) — During his first week as a U.S. senator, Cory Booker has balanced learning his new job and standing out from his 99 colleagues. The former Newark mayor came in as the rare freshman senator with celebrity status.

But he’s mostly stayed out of the spotlight in Washington. Known for his soaring oratory, he has spent most of his time listening and asking questions instead.

He has immersed himself in Senate rules and procedures and attended multitudes of meetings. He’s been working out at the Senate gym as a way to meet colleagues.

But he’s also digging in, grilling officials during a hearing on Superstorm Sandy and voting for a bill that banned discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

And he has been to the White House — twice.