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Audit: Newark’s city council spending is high

Local News | Dec 04, 2013

Audit: Newark’s city council spending is high

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — An audit of Newark’s finances shows the city government paid employees for overtime and unused leave time it can’t document.

The state comptroller’s report says Newark’s city council budget is large compared with other New Jersey cities from 2010 through this year.

Newark appropriated $10 million for its clerk and city council offices in 2012. The council spent nearly $2,900 for holiday decorations and $11,500 for photography.

The city also doles out supplemental pay for stressful and hazardous duty. The report says Newark overpaid employees about $216,000 in supplemental pay.

In response to the audit, Newark business administrator Julien Neals says the city has implemented time, attendance records and performance metrics.

Neals says the supplemental payments are under negotiation. The city is seeking to limit them.