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Local News | Jan 10, 2014


Most New Jersey residents feel proud that the Garden State is playing host to this year’s NFL championship game, and nearly 3-in-4 think a New Jersey Super Bowl will be good for their home state. These are the findings of the latest Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press Poll.60% of Garden State residents say it makes them proud that their home state is hosting the country’s most watched sporting event, compared to 34% who say they don’t feel any particular pride in having a New Jersey Super Bowl.

“The fact that a significant number of New Jerseyans who do not follow football are aware the Super Bowl is being held in their state underscores the significance of this event,” said Murray. Nearly 3-in-4 New Jerseyans believe hosting the Super Bowl will be good for the state. Opinion that the game will be good for the Garden State is shared by those in the northern (73%), central (71%), and southern (75%) regions.

When it comes to media coverage of the big game, most Garden State residents, 55%, think New Jersey will receive its fair share of media attention while 41% think the state will be overshadowed by New York.

“Many of the events that are being promoted before the game are being held in or around New York City and not necessarily in New Jersey.  I hope that it is a success for both states but the dynamic of New York City will certainly overshadow New Jersey.  But I worry that if either the weather or traffic situation is poor, New Jersey will take the brunt of the blame,” said Matthew Harmon, instructor in Monmouth University’s Sports Communication Program.