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NJ getting road salt shipment, but need is dire

Local News | Feb 19, 2014

NJ getting road salt shipment, but need is dire

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey is getting more road salt, but state officials say the need is dire.

Numerous snowstorms have depleted salt reserves. The Department of Transportation says New Jersey has used more than 100,000 tons more than it did last winter.

Radio station New Jersey 101.5 FM reported Friday that a nearly century-old maritime law was keeping New Jersey from getting 40,000 tons of salt shipped by boat from Maine. While the state seeks a waiver of the law, a barge is heading to Maine to pick up about 10,000 tons. The DOT says it should arrive early next week.

New Jersey’s U.S. senators are calling on the federal government to waive the law that prevents a foreign vessel from transporting cargo from one U.S. port to another.