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Sandy victims blast NJ officials over aid

Local News | Feb 24, 2014

Sandy victims blast NJ officials over aid

MIDDLETOWN, N.J. (AP) — Victims of Superstorm Sandy unloaded on New Jersey officials Friday at the final public hearing on the state’s plans to spend the next $1.4 billion in storm recovery aid.

Resident after resident voiced anger and frustration over the slow pace of storm aid distribution.

Lisa Spiegel of Long Branch asked officials of Gov. Chris Christie’s cabinet if they sleep in their own beds each night. She says she hasn’t slept in hers in 16 months, and uses the rest rooms in a public park.

Bruna Devino, a tavern owner from Union Beach, says she’s exhausted filing paperwork for aid programs whose demands never seem to end.

And Margaret Quinn of Toms River told the officials she blames them personally for her family’s inability to rebuild their home.