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Democrats accuse Christie of trying to raise taxes

Local News | Mar 17, 2014

Democrats accuse Christie of trying to raise taxes

New Jersey Democrats are accusing Republican Gov. Chris Christie of trying to create new taxes, for a change.

The governor’s $34.4 billion budget proposal calls for imposing a tobacco tax on e-cigarettes for the first time and making out-of-state online retailers pay sales taxes for goods sent to New Jersey.

Christie has often boasted about not raising taxes and has routinely rejected Democratic lawmakers’ calls to reinstate a higher income tax rate on high earners.

Assembly Budget Chairman Gary Schaer says, “If it walks like a tax and quacks like a tax, it is a new tax.”

Christie submitted his proposal last month.

The Assembly budget committee has scheduled a hearing on the budget proposal for next week. It must be approved by July 1, when it takes effect.