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NJ rejects offshore windmill project for 2nd time

Local News | Apr 25, 2014

NJ rejects offshore windmill project for 2nd time

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — A company that wants to build a windmill power project off the coast of Atlantic City is heading to court.

Fishermen’s Energy says it will move in state appellate court to have its project reconsidered.

The state Board of Public Utilities has denied the plan twice, most recently on a vote Wednesday.

Fishermen’s Energy claims the BPU vastly overestimated the price of electricity the windmills would produce.

But the board ruled that a Chinese company that would own 70 percent of the project did not demonstrate financial integrity, and submitted key financial information in Mandarin Chinese, without a translation.

The board says Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Group did not use American accounting standards in asserting its financial strength, and has not shown it can get necessary federal subsidies.