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Hundreds snared in massive New Jersey heroin sweep

Local News | Jun 04, 2014

Hundreds snared in massive New Jersey heroin sweep

PATERSON, N.J. (AP) — Hundreds of people have been arrested in a massive heroin sweep in northern New Jersey that involved law enforcement agents from a dozen municipalities and four counties.

Prosecutors on Tuesday said 325 people — including more than 280 alleged users and 40 dealers — were snared during the eight-week operation that targeted Paterson-based drug operations.

Authorities also seized approximately 1,200 grams of raw heroin — enough to sell about 60,000 bags on the street — and another 12,000 bags from users. The heroin has an estimated street value of $350,000.

Authorities also seized 30 guns and over $25,000 during the operation, which involved undercover agents and surveillance.

The federal Drug Enforcement Agency says Paterson supplies more pure heroin than anywhere else in the country.