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Beach project spares some jetties

Local News | Jun 26, 2014

Beach project spares some jetties

ONG BRANCH (APP) – Fishermen still don’t like it, saying that it will limit beach access, but the Army Corps of Engineers has agreed to notch three jetties instead of the planned six along the northern Monmouth County coast.

Notching is the removal of the jetty rocks closest to the sand so water can pass through. Fishermen and others say that when jetties are notched, they cannot access them for fishing, and have been fighting the Army Corps of Engineers over the plan for years.

Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., hosted a meeting in his office to find a compromise between the Army Corps, representatives from the state Department of Environmental Protection and anglers, surfers and others who use the beach for recreation.

As a result of the meeting, the corps will not notch the groins at the end of Whitehall and Roseld avenues, both in Deal, and Cedar Avenue in Allenhurst, it was announced at this week’s meeting.

That would be good news if the anglers who participated in the discussions did not consider the notching of any groins unnecessary and counter-productive.

“Why is it OK for them to bury reefs here but if it happened in Florida, everybody would be up in arms,” Hueth said. “Is it because our fish are not as colorful? This is total insanity.”

The initial cost for beach replenishment for this section is $139,409,000 but it would have to be refreshed every six years or so, at additional costs, according to a February 2014 report by the state DEP and the Army Corps.