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New Jersey lawmakers to vote on budget; veto looms

Local News | Jun 26, 2014

New Jersey lawmakers to vote on budget; veto looms

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey lawmakers are set to vote on tax increases and a $34.1 billion state budget plan with vetoes from Gov. Chris Christie looming.

The votes are scheduled Thursday.

The state must have a balanced budget in place before the new fiscal year starts Tuesday to avoid a government shutdown.

The task got harder this spring when the revenue fell far short of what the Christie administration had projected, and next year’s expectations were also downgraded.

The Republican governor wants to balance the budget largely by reducing contributions to public employees’ pension funds.

Democrats who control the Legislature want to do it partly by raising taxes on high earners and corporations.

Christie says he will veto the increases.

He can also use a line-item veto to trim spending.