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Ocean County’s heroin fight cut by new drug

Local News | Jul 07, 2014

Ocean County’s heroin fight cut by new drug

Ocean County officials thought they’d seen the worst in drug abuse when users moved in staggering numbers from commonly prescribed painkillers to the low-priced, taboo narcotic heroin.

Now those officials are finding they were mistaken.

Some drug dealers, ever enterprising and competitive, have recently begun cutting their heroin supply with Fentanyl, a highly powerful opiate that enhances the high to even deadlier levels than heroin alone, according to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.

In response, all police departments will start carrying double doses of the opiate antidote in order to match the strength of a Fentanyl-related overdose, Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Al Della Fave said. Some departments have already been supplied with the new kits, and any departments that place future orders will get the double-dose kits.

Since launching the Narcan program in April that equipped all police departments with the drug, 52 people in Ocean have been revived from an overdose by Narcan, also known by its generic name of naloxone, Della Fave said. He did not have information on how many of those overdoses involved Fentanyl.