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Sen. Menendez wants federal probe of Cuba role

Local News | Jul 09, 2014

Sen. Menendez wants federal probe of Cuba role

WASHINGTON (AP) ā€” Sen. Robert Menendez has asked the Justice Department to investigate whether the Cuban government had a role in allegations against him that have prompted a federal probe of the New Jersey Democrat.

Those charges include so far unsubstantiated allegations that Menendez flew on a plane provided by a friend and campaign supporter for rendezvous with prostitutes.

Menendez told The Associated Press Tuesday that his lawyer wrote a letter to the Justice Department months ago asking them to investigate what he says were long-running rumors about a Cuban role in the allegations.

Menendez, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says he doesn’t know if Cuba was involved. He says because of his persistent criticism of the Cuban government, it would make sense that Cuba decided it should act against him.