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Judge won’t stop work at Ocean Beach

Local News | Jul 10, 2014

Judge won’t stop work at Ocean Beach

Toms River (APP) – Homeowners in Toms River’s Ocean Beach III community can apply for an extension that would allow them to continue exterior construction this summer, a state Superior Court judge has ruled.

Judge Frank A. Buczynski, sitting in Toms River, denied a request by the oceanfront community’s board of directors for an injunction that would have prevented contractors from working on the outside of their houses until Sept. 2, the day after Labor Day. The club went to court last week after some contractors working in Ocean Beach III continued building even after the trustees said fines of $500 a day would be levied on homeowners whose builders continued working after June 26.

Buczynski said that the board of trustees of the Ocean Beach and Bay Club, which governs the 986-unit community, must allow homeowners to apply for a construction extension if they believe the building ban creates a hardship for them.