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Rutgers tuition, fee to rise by about 2 percent

Local News | Jul 17, 2014

Rutgers tuition, fee to rise by about 2 percent

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (AP) — Tuition and fees are going up at New Jersey’s flagship university for the upcoming school year.

The Rutgers University Board of Governors voted Wednesday to raise tuition by about 2 percent for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Students and several state officials had appealed to the board to consider a tuition freeze on the heels of a 3.3 percent hike last year.

The board voted to raise undergraduate tuition, fees and room and board by 1.93 percent at the New Brunswick campus, 1.98 in Camden and 1.48 percent in Newark.

In-state students currently pay more than $13,000 in tuition and fees at Rutgers, and the price is more than $25,000 for those who live on campus.

The university also approved a 3 percent increase in its financial assistance program.