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Amusement park apologizes for gun shirt error

Local News | Aug 19, 2014

Amusement park apologizes for gun shirt error

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A Marine who wasn’t allowed into a New Jersey amusement park because he was wearing a shirt with a red, white and blue rifle pictured on it has been given an apology.

NJ.com reports Mario Alejandro received a phone call from Six Flags Great Adventure President John Fitzgerald on Saturday apologizing and he accepted. A spokeswoman for the park says it didn’t realize Alejandro’s shirt was related to a military charity.

Alejandro says he went to the park with his family on Aug. 9 wearing the shirt, which was a Father’s Day gift and was bought from a nonprofit that supports Marines. The shirt included the phrase “Keep calm and return fire.”

Alejandro says a security guard told him the shirt was offensive and he had to change.