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Christie: Springsteen hasn’t objected to song use

Local News | Aug 20, 2014

Christie: Springsteen hasn’t objected to song use

LONG BRANCH, N.J. (AP) — Gov. Chris Christie says Bruce Springsteen has no problem with him blasting his music at events despite their political disagreements — and shut down a woman who dared suggest it.

Christie was midway through the latest installment of his “No Pain, No Gain” summer town hall series in Long Branch Tuesday when an audience member challenged his use of Springsteen’s music before events. Christie is a self-professed Springsteen mega-fan.

A visibly angry Christie said the woman was mistaken when she suggested Springsteen had asked him not to play it.

Christie told the woman that he has spoken to Springsteen and she was wrong.

The governor’s staff eventually cut off the woman’s microphone as she tried to engage him on another issue.

She held up a sign that read “INDICT” through much of the event.