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WARNING – NumberOneMusic.com IS A SCAM

On-Air Blog | Jul 20, 2017

WARNING – NumberOneMusic.com IS A SCAM

Over the past few days we’ve received an number of e-mails, phone calls, and Facebook messages from musicians looking for air play on the station.  They were contacted by NumberOneMusic.com or N1M.   It appears as if the musicians are real people, but this website is not. As far was we can tell, NumberOneMusic.com is a SCAM.

The musicians see e-mails that look like this:

“NAME OF PERSON, Program director at WBJB-FM would like to connect on N1M.
Please do let us know if we can spin your tune NAME_OF_TUNE on our MUSIC_GENRE HOUR radio show. Contact me for details, so we can schedule an online interview.”


We welcome submissions directly from musicians and would never go to a third party to solicit their music.