Stuck on Repeat: Track 1

It’s our first edition of “Stuck on Repeat” a monthly look into the head of our DJs.  These are those earworms that everyone gets.

Michele, Jeff, Fox, Stephanie, Jaimee, Tom, and Sean all share what’s stuck on repeat for them.  This go around we’ve got some new music, some not-so-new tunes and some reworked tracks too.  


Michele McBride:
I am really liking Brian Fallon’s latest album, “Sleepwalkers”-especially a track that we are currently spinning “If Your Prayers Don’t Get to Heaven”.

Jeff Raspe:
Three current albums that I’m enjoying are three albums that have all been a long time in coming!

Buffalo Tom – Quiet And Peace
After a string of classic alternative (the new name for college rock) albums in the 90s, the Boston band took a hiatus of around 10 years. This is their third album since the turn of the century. The original trio line-up has made a terrific album that is just as good as any of those classic 90s releases.

Dumptruck – Wrecked
After 3 classic college rock albums in the 80s (D Is For Dumptruck, Positively Dumptruck and For The Country) this is the first Dumptruck album since 2000. The reunion of lone original member Seth Tiven and longtime guitarist Kirk Swan has them bringing back the Dumptruck name with an album that would have fit in perfectly as the followup to those three classics.

Jeffrey Gaines – Alright
Finally! The much talked about new album from Jeffrey Gaines is here! His first release of new, studio recordings since 2003. Longtime aficionado of British rock and pop, he went out to LA and used Elvis Costello’s rhythm section of Davey Faragher & Pete Thomas and damn if it doesn’t sound like a Costello album. Most well-known for his classic live cover of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” Jeffrey has always been a stellar songwriter in his own right. And these 10 new songs rank right up there with some of his best.





Radio Daddy:

Thea Gilmore’s Loftmusic CD.

Tom Brennan:

The Shins – Half A Million (Flipped)
I was really pretty happy when I heard The Shins put out “Heartworms” and like Half A Million. Fast forward to this week and “Half A Million (Flipped)” is hitting the air waves on 90.5 The Night. I thought the orginial version was catchy…you toss in some the whole reggae vibe and I’m hooked. I may just have to put the flipped verson on repeat at my desk. We’ll start playing it this week and I can’t wait for you to hear it too.

Sean Carolan:
My can of earworms includes “It’s A Beautiful World” from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Kimbra’s “Top Of The World” (in which she goes full-Kate Bush.)