Vendetta Red – Encantado

Vendetta Red Formed in Seattle 1999. Probably the most tattooed band you’ve never heard of, Vendetta Reds fans are an Elite cadre of assassins who’s mission is to destroy insipid indie rock at all cost.
The band toured constantly and was honored enough to share the stage with the likes of AC/DC, Chevelle, Finch, The Distillers, Dashboard Confessional, A Static Lullaby, Brand New and many Warped tours and festivals in the USA and UK.
They’ve seen a million faces and they’ve rocked them all.
5 Studio albums produced by such luminaries as Jerry Finn, Matt Bayles, Terry Date, Howard Benson, Tony Reed, Burke Thomas. Zach and Burke eventually signed Vendetta Red to Cleopatra Records. Spending most of 2017 recording at Burke’s house, co-producing and splitting the writing down the middle, the result is a brand new full length “Quinceanera”

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