Stuck on Repeat: Track 6

Welcome back to our on series of songs that are stuck in our DJs heads.  This go around Our Radio Daddy, Stu, Fox, Max, Tom, Jeff, Meg, and Steph have tunes that may get stuck in your head.

Jeff Raspe:

Megan O’Shea:

Stephanie Coskey:

Stu Coogan:

Radio Daddy:
I picked up this LP (“A Deeper Understanding”) earlier this year. If I’d gotten into it when it was dropped last year, it most likely would’ve been at or near the top of my best of 2017 list.


Tom Brennan:
I was waiting to post this on the next edition of SOR. This song got me at the first few ntoes. I knew I liked it at first listen, then I realized it features the guitar work of the great George Benson…that’s when I realized that I loved it!

Max Weisman