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altrokradio-logoFridays 11p-1a on 90.5 The NIGHT HD-1
For two hours each Friday night, Sean Carolan is your guide as Altrok Radio traces the edge of the indie diaspora, playing new artists from any scene that matters, as well as classics and new music from the bands that mainstream Alternative radio forgot. We rely on twenty-five years of real Alternative radio experience – as opposed to the kind of mainstream radio that passes for “Alternative” these days – to help you make sense of new and classic music that matters.When you tune into Altrok Radio, you’ll hear:

  • New music that has never been played by Altrok Radio before; often, it hasn’t yet been played by anyone else, either.
  • Classic music that hasn’t ever been played by Altrok Radio.
  • The Grinder, our 6-song pick of the best new music of the past few weeks.
  • Jeff Raspe’s presentation of the Altrok Radio Underground Pick Of The Week, where the most impressive thing to cross his desk each week gets its due regardless of the format it might fit into.
  • And, of course, a pervading sense that we genuinely believe the music we play is worth your time.

Altrok Radio can also be heard at the Replay Room for a week after it airs, and the music it features each week becomes part of the 90.5 HD2 Altrok Radio playlist at AltrokRadio.com, where we carry on the legacy of classic commercial alternative stations that were destroyed at a moment’s notice – not because they weren’t making money, but because there was bigger money to be found elsewhere.