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Brookdale Minute

Do you work at Brookdale and want to promote you department or  class?  You can with 90.5 The NIGHT.  We have a feature called The Brookdale Minute that runs multiple times during the day where all our listeners can hear you talking about what you’re offering.

If you’d like to promote a particular event, we encourage you to submit the event to our Events Page.  As soon as we get the event posting online we’ll have a student produce the piece and it will go on the air.

Here’s a basic outline of what we’re looking for:

  • You have 50 to 55 seconds to “pitch” your particular discipline, class, or department.
  • Use that time to “sell” to prospective students the advantage of taking your class or work with your department.  Focus on your qualifications, experience, class size, and convenience of the class schedule(s).
  • Make sure your segment is “evergreen”, so we can continue to air this throughout the semester or year.
  • Sound personal when writing your script.  A big reason why people attend your class is because of you!

The idea is for you to sell not only the course, but yourself and most importantly, Brookdale Community College

Are you ready to go? Click on the link below to start working on your script:


When you’re ready give a call to Rich Robinson at x2432 to schedule time for you to record.