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Song Of The Week | Jul 18, 2016

Sulk – No Illusions

sulk2015The time is suddenly right for well-crafted British pop – there’s a thirst for new century psychedelia which is where London quintet SULK fit in. Steeped in the rich traditions of classic British songwriting, the band could be said to begin where the ’90s ended with solid musicality, joyful uplifting harmonies, giant psychedelic guitar riffs and, of course, tambourines.
They’ve been compared to just about every great Britpop band of the ’90s, but SULK are very much their own men; musically tight and lyrically beautiful with sun-drenched vocals, ethereal guitars and pounding drums, rooted in ’90s vibes but with their gaze to the future. This is anthemic bliss for a whole new generation.
Sticking to their basic musical values of classic indie, pop, shoegaze, and psychedelia, but adding elements of Motown beats, sitars, Love-esque vocal harmonies and Lynchian cinematic atmosphere, SULK’s sophomore creation, No Illusions, stays true to its heart yet elevates itself to a point seemingly different to its older sibling.



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