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Song Of The Week | Oct 05, 2015

K’s Choice – As Rock And Roll As It Gets

KsChoiceBelgian rock band from Antwerp, K’s Choice formed in the mid-1990s. The band’s core members are siblings Sarah Bettens and Gert Bettens. In the early 1990s, Sarah and Gert played in an amateur band, The Basement Plugs. In 1993, the band toured Germany and the United States in support of the Indigo Girls. In 1995, they released Paradise in Me. Not an Addict, the first single taken from this album, was successful and brought international fame. In 1999, the band appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the episode “Doppelgängland” performing their song “Virgin State Of Mind”.


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Song Of The Week | Sep 28, 2015

American Scarecrows – Gods Of The West

American_ScarecrowsLike most developing artists, American Scarecrows has gone through different members as it solidified their sound. The group began with Seth Davin and former member Kevin Mayer who met while in high school. Davin left school to tour with Dropping Daylight, in which Allen Maier also played drums, forming a bond that withstood many miles on the road. In the meantime, Matthew Broadbent was touring fulltime with his band Somerset. As their paths diverged and eventually came back together, Davin and Mayer began collaborating on some music, which truly was the start of what became American Scarecrows. Refining their songs, the two recruited Maier and Broadbent to define the sound before they finished their debut album and headed to Austin, Texas for a SXSW showcase. Shifting again to another chapter of their lives, the band went through more change, losing one of their core members in July of 2012 when Mayer moved to Denver. It’s apparent listening to the three men that the past few years have been that of change, and how they were able to reflect and effectively channel the essence of those changes into their sound is admirable. American Scarecrows is a band that is only now realizing what they are capable of.


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