The Get Ahead – Deepest Light

Formed in 2012 with a shared love of old soul, gospel, and R&B music and the simple desire to make music that got Portland audiences up and dancing, The Get Ahead have evolved into a more cohesive ensemble focused on working collaboratively to find new ways to bring out their core influences. A turning point came in 2017 when acclaimed neo-soul artist Son Little, one of the band’s musical heroes, produced their EP Mind is a Mountain. “We were over the moon because we loved his first record so much,” says Nathan. With a fresh jolt of confidence following the EP, the band embarked on writing tracks for Deepest Light, looking to synthesize their new music with the spirit of family and togetherness.
2018 and 2019 have brought a lot of changes to The Get Ahead. Their work has continued to grow and transform, relationships have intensified, and the world has undergone dramatic social upheavals. Deepest Light, and especially the album’s cover image, is a testament to these transitions. “When we took that photo, we didn’t intend for it to be the cover photo. A girlfriend of mine is a photographer, and I went to take some creative maternity shots,” says Juliet. However, the image immediately struck a nerve with the band. “The image really reflects our values in that we believe this is a time for women,” says Nathan. “Seeing it reminded us that it’s time for a rebirth. A rebirth of creativity. I think it’s important that we show images of creation and of the feminine form right now, especially considering what’s going on in the political climate.”

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Jocelyn and Chris Arndt – Kill In The Cure

The ties that bind any siblings vary in strength. For brother-sister rockers Jocelyn & Chris Arndt, those ties are made of carbon fiber. “He’s my best friend,” says Jocelyn. “Maybe that sounds a little cheesy, but it’s true. And to be able to chase this shared dream with my best friend, well, that’s everything.”
And chase it they have, with honey-badger tenacity, from their first concert in elementary school all the way to their position as nationally-known touring and recording artists today. That determined spirit is stronger than ever on The Fun in the Fight, Jocelyn & Chris’s third full-length album. The title, a line of lyrics from the stomping, unapologetic “Kill in the Cure,” is also a reference to the idea that defined Jocelyn & Chris’s experience writing this record: “Things get hard, and it’s easy to lose sight of what you’re working toward. The best way to get through it is to find enjoyment in the struggle itself. You’ve got to find the fun in the fight.” They’ve certainly had their share of struggles; over the past 5 years, they’ve balanced hundreds of shows coast to coast with an aggressive recording schedule, all while completing studies at Harvard (yep, that Harvard). For these two, their greatest source of strength is their original music, fueled by their love and admiration for the artists in their parents’ CD collection who first inspired them all those years ago. In the Arndt’s own words: “The Fun in the Fight is our love letter to classic rock.”

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Dr. David Stout & Ed Johnson talk about Brookdale’s Accredition and the CCOG Program

Brookdale Community College President Dr. David Stout and Executive Director-Governmental & Community Relations Ed Johnson chat with Rich about Brookdale’s successful re-accreditation through the Middle State Commission on Higher Education. They also talked about the expansion of Brookdale’s Community College Opportunity Grant Program for this fiscal year.

Stray Cats – Cat Fight

Stray Cats, the band that put Rockabilly music back on the record charts in the early-’80s, scored several big hits on both sides of the Atlantic thanks to a striking visual 1950’s style brought “up to date” with exaggerated pompadours and colorful tattoos, as well as genuine musical chops that evoked the best players of rockabilly’s original heyday. The music had a rhythm that was rock solid yet loose, the singer could croon or shout and the guitar playing demanded respect. It was elegant yet hard, jazzy yet completely rocking. Their music and style were like nothing happening in pop culture at that time. Formed by guitarist/vocalist Brian Setzer, upright bass player Lee Rocker and drummer Slim Jim Phantom in the Long Island town of Massapequa, NY, in 1979, the trio shared a love for Rockabilly music and after banging around New York and Philadelphia for a few months, in the summer of 1980, they were persuaded by a mutual friend to hop a plane to London where a rockabilly revival movement was just beginning to emerge.

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Lost Romance (25 June 2019)

Gerry from Lost Romance recently stopped by to play a couple of songs and have a live in-studio chat with Jeff Raspe.