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Song Of The Week | Jun 27, 2016

Empty Houses – Rope


Vocalist Ali Shea, accompanied by Adam Mercer and David Mackinder (Fireworks) have put their heads together to create a new breed of genuine feel-good music. They call it Empty Houses.

In an industry lacking depth and raw talent, this trio is already leaps and bounds ahead of their peers, with potential to crossover into a mainstream mainstay. The endearing melodies and upbeat musicianship should put a smile on your face because you can tell these three genuinely love what they do.


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Song Of The Week | Jun 27, 2016

Through The Sparks – The Driveway

Through-The-SparksThe veteran Birmingham, Alabama, indie-psych band Through the Sparks recorded their new album, Transindifference, so that frontman Jody Nelson could stop beating people up. Not physically, of course. Over the course of the group’s decade-plus career, he has penned some dark songs about real-life subjects: the encroachment of death, the absurdity of modern life, the tribulations of the American office rat, the insatiable wanderlust of contemporary suburbia. It was beginning to wear on him—and, he suspected, on his audience. “We were playing an outdoor festival, with all these people walking around barefoot,” Nelson recalls. “And this guy walks up to me after our set and is like, ‘Great stuff, man, but you really don’t have to harsh the mellow. You don’t have to take it out on the crowd.’ Every time I found myself singing to crowds of people, I just felt like I was beating everybody up.”



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Song Of The Week | Jun 20, 2016

The Amazing – Ambulance

THE-AMAZINGOn Ambulance, the Swedish band The Amazing continue their journey to a place where music is free of restrictions, offering up another collection of densely concentrated melodies and fractured rhythms. The songs unfold slowly, without a traditional verse/chorus structure, spinning gauzy webs of shimmering mystery with their own inimitable dynamic of sinuous, swirling guitars; rich, ambient bass lines; crisp percussion and restrained, church-like, keyboard textures.

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Song Of The Week | Jun 13, 2016

Eli “Paperboy” Reed – Cut Ya Down

Eli “Paperboy” Reed is a survivor. He’s been making Soul-inspired music since before it was cool and tearing up stages all over the world with his heart-stopping falsetto screams for close to a decade. From humble beginnings outside of Boston, at 18 Reed moved to Clarksdale, Mississippi and cut his teeth playing in juke joints all over the Delta. From there he took the well-trod path to Chicago where he spent a year as minister of music in a Southside church. Soon after returning to Boston, he was bit by the songwriting bug and released his first full length, “Roll with You” in 2008. The world began listening. Soon there were calls coming in from everywhere; television shows in the UK, festivals in Australia, and a jaw-dropping schedule of national and international tour dates. Major label deals were signed and his star kept rising, now with the help of song placements in major movies, television shows and commercials. “My Way Home” represents a return to the sonic character that Reed’s career began with, but it does more than that: It captures the essence of his sound. A sound that, over everything else, prizes feeling, energy, and, yes, Soul.



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Song Of The Week | Jun 06, 2016

Trashcan Sinatras – Ain’t That Something

Trashcan SinatrasScotland’s Trashcan Sinatras have released their sixth studio album, Wild Pendulum. The much beloved band, which first garnered international attention with their critically acclaimed debut, Cake, in 1990, will be touring North America in May and June.
Wild Pendulum is Trashcan Sinatras at their mellifluous best. Recorded in Omaha, Nebraska with Bright Eyes’ member/producer extraordinaire Mike Mogis, it’s an album bursting with swooning melodies, precise arrangements and all of the wise, magnanimous lyrics for which the band is renowned.
Hailing from the gritty Scottish seaside town of Irvine, Trashcan Sinatras sprang out of a vibrant music scene. Following the immediate success of 90s alternative radio hits “Obscurity Knocks” and “Only Tongue Can Tell” the band released a string of textured, beguiling albums. After an eight-year hiatus their most recent albums — 2004’s Weightlifting and 2010’s In The Music — were universally lauded.


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