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Song Of The Week | Mar 02, 2015

Ben Ottewell – Shoreline

Ben Ottewell came into contact with Ian Ball (vocals, guitar) while the two were studying law at Sheffield University. Ball was impressed by Ben’s big voice, and along with Tom Gray (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Paul Blackburn (bass), and Olly Peacock (drums, synths, computers), they formed the band Gomez. Ottewell’s deep, soulful voice has gained him some acclaim and has drawn some comparisons to Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and artist Tom Waits, and his lyrical style, and acoustical arrangements, especially in his solo work, have drawn comparisons to folk singer Nick Drake

In an interview with Guitar World, Ben revealed “When it came to writing for Rattlebag I started afresh and all the songs were written specifically with the album in mind over a 12 month period, perhaps making the album a little more cohesive. I’m a great believer in the power of the riff, not just in the bombastic Zeppelin sense but also the more cyclical blues or folk licks, and most of the songs are written with a riff as the foundation. Once these ideas were formed, some as just a verse, some almost full songs, I’d take them to Sam [his writing partner, Sam Genders of English folk band Tunng] and we’d finish them. The recording took 5 days in Los Angeles with producer Will Golden, the other key ingredient.

We got in some great players and Clay Blair who is a fantastic engineer. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a studio since those early Gomez records.” Ben turned to his fanbase to crowdfund the album via Indiegogo.


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Song Of The Week | Feb 23, 2015

Butch Walker – Bed On Fire

butchwalkerAfraid of Ghosts is the seventh full-length studio album from Butch Walker. Walker spent a year writing this album, and recorded it in only four days, a year after the passing of this father. According to Walker, the album is a way of “coming to terms with the past and living for the future.” It’s about “coming to terms with your ghosts, taking what scares you the most. And turning it into something real.”

The album was produced by singer/songwriter Ryan Adams at his PAX AM Studios, and will feature guest musicians such as Johnny Depp, Mike Viola, and Bob Mould.


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Song Of The Week | Feb 16, 2015

Rebecca Pidgeon – Perfect Stranger

rebeccapidgeonFrom 1986 to 1990, Rebecca Pidgeon was the lead singer of the British folk/pop band Ruby Blue. Pidgeon left Ruby Blue shortly after the band signed to a major record label and was beginning to gather both commercial and critical success. She appeared in her first feature film in 1988, The Dawning. She then decided to concentrate on her acting career, starring in David Mamet’s plays and films, first Homicide, then Oleanna onstage, a part Mamet wrote for her; Pidgeon composed the music for the film version, which starred Debra Eisenstadt in her role.
Returning to music in 1994, she released the solo album The Raven, followed by New York Girls’ Club. Another album, The Four Marys, a collection of traditional Celtic folk songs, followed in 1998. In October 2005, she released Tough on Crime, which featured Walter Becker on guitar and the late Billy Preston on keyboards. Her 2008 album, Behind the Velvet Curtain: Songs from the Motion Picture Redbelt, includes a cover version of the Beach Boys song “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” and a duet with Luciana Souza.
Pidgeon has had starring roles in several of Mamet’s films, including The Spanish Prisoner (1997), The Winslow Boy (1999), State and Main (2000), and Heist (2001). She had a small role in the Mamet’s 2008 movie Redbelt and also performed the music in it. Her most recent major film appearance was in 2010’s Red. Pidgeon appeared in the U.S. television series The Unit, playing Charlotte Ryan, and in the 2007 film Jesse Stone: Sea Change she played Leeann Lewis, a murder-bank robbery suspect.


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Song Of The Week | Feb 09, 2015

Caitlin Canty – Enough About Hard Times

caitlincantyCaitlin Canty’s songs imbue commonplace moments and images with strange magic, wringing vastness from small details of light and shade. They convey a restless energy, a clarity of purpose and desire to live fully within elemental processes – moving light, moving water, wildfire, ashes – which are both the setting and the action. When Canty sings, ‘Sleeping on embers / Breathing in rivers / Waking up shivering on summer’s hottest night’, she becomes a part of the natural world the song inhabits, in an elegant and lucid poetry.
A constant collaborator, Canty writes and performs with several bands, including Down Like Silver – her ongoing duo project with Nashville’s Peter Bradley Adams – and the Massachusetts-based indie-folk quartet Darlingside.
Both on the road and on her new album, Caitlin Canty teams with some of the finest musicians in the world – including members of Morphine, Booker T, Cold Satellite, and Ray LaMontagne’s Pariah Dogs – to create a sound that harnesses the grit and spark at the very heart of American music, and tempers it with a voice at once so haunting and distinct that it’s instantly memorable, instantly classic.



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Song Of The Week | Feb 02, 2015

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – Shine Like Lightning

drewholcomb_neighborsSome artists are able to articulate a vision at the very beginning of their career, while others hone their craft over time, growing into their vision as they mature.
“I am definitely in the latter category,” explains Drew Holcomb, a Tennessee-born, duck hunting, bourbon drinking, 1st edition book collecting, golf playing Eagle Scout with a Masters degree in Divinity from Scotland’s University of St Andrews (he wrote his dissertation on “Springsteen and American Redemptive Imagination”) who has spent the better part of the past decade as a professional musician – recording, writing, and touring with his band Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors.
Since releasing their first album, 2005’s Washed In Blue, Drew & The Neighbors (Ellie Holcomb, Nathan Dugger, Rich Brinsfield) have established themselves as a formidable indie act, selling more than 75,000 records, playing more than 1,500 live dates, selling-out headline shows, and touring alongside such varied acts as The Avett Brothers, Ryan Adams, Los Lobos, NEEDTOBREATHE, Susan Tedeschi, North Mississippi Allstars, Marc Broussard, and more. Their songs have been used in countless television shows and commercials, most notably in TNT’s Emmy Award winning 2011 Christmas Day NBA Forever spot, which paired the song Live Forever with a mesmerizing montage of past and present NBA video footage


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