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Song Of The Week | Jan 23, 2017

Angel Olsen – Give It Up

angelolsenpressRaised in St Louis MO and currently living in Asheville NC, Angel Olsen has recorded and toured as a backing singer with Bonnie “Prince” Billy and the Cairo Gang, before embarking on her own career. At age three, Olsen was adopted by a foster family that had cared for her since shortly after her birth. The difference in years between her and her parents left an impression. “Because there are so many decades of difference between us, I became more interested in what their childhood was like,” she says of her parents, both of whom still live in St. Louis.

“I fantasized about what it was like to be young in the ’30s and ’50s, more so than other kids my age.” Olsen explained that “my mother just has this capacity for children.”

Given its title, and track names like ‘Sister’ and ‘Woman’, it would be easy to read a gender-specific message into MY WOMAN, but Olsen has never played her lyrical content straight. She explains: “I’m definitely using scenes that I’ve replayed in my head, in the same way that I might write a script and manipulate a memory to get it to fit. But I think it’s important that people can interpret things the way that they want to.”




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Song Of The Week | Jan 16, 2017

Blue Rodeo – Superstar

The definition of a rebel is someone who goes against the grain. For close to thirty years now, Blue Rodeo has taken the road less travelled – and succeeded far beyond anyone’s expectations. The band emerged in the early 80’s as a countrified rock band in the era of hair metal and glossy pop. Despite sticking out like a sore thumb (or maybe because of it), their single “Try” became omni-present on radio across Canada and set in motion a three decade long career of headlining every club, theatre and arena in Canada. In 1993, when grunge rock was squeezing commercial rock off the radio, they recorded their most acoustic album, Five Days In July, and scored their biggest hit selling over a half million copies of that one record alone.
Now, with their 14th studio album – 1000 Arms, Blue Rodeo’s successes are measured in terms that include induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (2012), receiving a Governor General’s Performing Arts Award (2014) and acknowledgement that the band has steadfastly defined itself by its own terms, and in the years that ensued, sold in excess of four million records.


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Song Of The Week | Jan 09, 2017

Jake Clemons – Hold Tight

jakeclemonsIf you take the mysterious, rugged side of Johnny Cash and mix it with the soulful down to earth love child of Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons – shaken not stirred of course – you end up with the unique and talented Jake Clemons. Jake Clemons plays the guitar, sax, piano, and drums, he writes music, he sings, he loves rock ‘n roll!
If you are still wondering who he is then consider that he has shared the stage with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, The Swell Season, The Roots, and Eddie Vedder to name a few. This is the roster of a man who is leaving a legacy of storytelling.


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Song Of The Week | Jan 02, 2017

Waiting for Henry – Gutterball

“Gutterball” is an homage to Steve Wynn’s great 1990’s band of the same name. Early in his career, while following a solo path,Waiting For Henry  singer and songwriter Dave Slomin opened a European tour for Doug Sahm and caught a Gutterball show in Copenhagen. The power of that one show inspired Slomin to quit the solo scene and start the NYC-based band Mr. Henry, which had a good run on EMI before dissolving at the end of the aughts.
Based in New Jersey, Waiting For Henry assembled in 2010 as group of former college bandmates, reuniting to record the album they had never made years ago. Their 2013 debut, Ghosts & Compromise, earned critical acclaim, and enough R.E.M. comparisons to convince the band to seek out Murmur and Reckoning producer Mitch Easter to work his magic on their songs. The result is Town Called Patience, the band’s second LP.
Mixed by Grammy-winner Darrell Thorpe (Beck, Radiohead, Paul McCartney), and mastered by Greg Calbi (Murmur, Born To Run, Damn the Torpedoes), Town Called Patience is sure to delight fans of roots rock, alt-country, Americana — and just darned good rock n’ roll.


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Music, Song Of The Week | Dec 26, 2016

The Ballroom Thieves – Noble Rot

Ballroom_Thieves-Warehouse_by_One_Love_PhotoOwing to the success of their harmony-rich 2015 debut, A Wolf in the Doorway, guitarist Martin Earley, cellist Calin Peters, and drummer Devin Mauch (aka The Ballroom Thieves) have spent the last two years in a sustained state of touring that took them all across the country and to venerable stages like the Newport Folk Festival. As prepared as the trio was for the sudden lack of a sedentary existence — even packing their Boston apartments into storage units — it wasn’t long before nearly nonstop touring rendered any preparation inadequate.

“I think all three of us underestimated how mentally and physically taxing it would be to uproot our lives completely in an effort to jump after the wild and unlikely dream of becoming a successful band,” explains Earley. As the stability of home faded along the relentless road, fresh anxieties came into focus: depression, financial burdens, illness, the breakdown of relationships. With the luxury of hindsight, things could have been handled better, but instead of addressing their personal issues, they doubled down on the band.


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