Stuck on Repeat: Track 13

It’s “Stuck on Repeat” where our DJs list the songs that have been stuck in there heads lately.  Maybe some will get stuck in yours.  Some interesting picks this time around…from songs we’re playing on the air, to songs from TV shows, to an isolated bass track.  Check it out. (more…)

Stuck on Repeat: Track 6

Welcome back to our on series of songs that are stuck in our DJs heads.  This go around Our Radio Daddy, Stu, Fox, Max, Tom, Jeff, Meg, and Steph have tunes that may get stuck in your head. (more…)

Stuck on Repeat: Track 4

Track 4 of “Stuck on Repeat” has a few ear worms from some of the DJs on the station. There’s some real old gems in there and some new, possibly new-to-you tunes too.  It looks like “Bad Bad News” has at least two of our DJs ears. (more…)