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Local News, News | Feb 19, 2007

Hot Tickets, Lottery Jackpot over 15 M

  Lottery players in New Jersey are hoping to cash in on the Mega Millions. The jackpot in the multistate lottery stands at 15 million dollars. The next Mega Millions drawing will be held tomorrow night

Local News, News | Feb 19, 2007

Patterson Wants to Ban The “N” Word

     Paterson’s City Council wants to bar people from using the “N” word. But the symbolic measure passed last week carries no penalty. The Passaic County town is following in the footsteps of Irvington, which passed a similar resolution, and New York City and other U-S towns are also considering a ban.

Local News, News | Feb 19, 2007

New Jersey H.S. Athletes Steroid-Free

   New Jersey’s first batch of tests for steroid abuse among high school students have come back negative. None of the 150 athletes tested this fall showed signs of steroid use. New Jersey is the first state in the country to randomly test high school athletes for performance-enhancing drugs.

Local News, News | Feb 19, 2007

Read Our Lips:No New Taxes

     Democratic lawmakers are urging Governor Corzine to not call for any new taxes when he delivers his annual budget address this week. Thursday’s address marks Corzine’s second since becoming governor, this time amid a projected two billion-dollar budget deficit. His first plan sparked a fight with fellow Democrats in the Legislature, leaving the state without a budget for a week and briefly closing state government last July