Stuck on Repeat: Track 12 (The Holiday Edition)

We asked our DJs what holiday songs were stuck in their heads….maybe they will be stuck in yours.  Happy Holidays!


Michele McBride:


Jeff Raspe:

Megan O’Shea:

Stu Coogan:


Stephanie Coskey:

Radio Daddy:


Tom Brennan:





Stuck on Repeat: Track 6

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Stuck on Repeat: Track 4

Track 4 of “Stuck on Repeat” has a few ear worms from some of the DJs on the station. There’s some real old gems in there and some new, possibly new-to-you tunes too.  It looks like “Bad Bad News” has at least two of our DJs ears. (more…)

Stuck on Repeat: Track 3

It’s a bit of a mixed bag in this edition of “Stuck on Repeat”. Some songs that sound old, some songs that are old…but what does it matter if it’s all good, right? (more…)