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On-Air Blog | Aug 04, 2007

Saturday w/ Mr. Fillin

Hey guys, it’s Tom. I’m filling in for Steph today. I filled in for Michele yesterday. Don’t sweat it, Michele and Steph will be back next time you expect them on the air. Check out some of the links that I talked about on the air today. Continue Reading

On-Air Blog | Aug 02, 2007

Tom in for Michele

Hey guys, I’m filling in for Michele this morning.  Kevin’s here and we’ll get your morning going.  There are some fun stories we’ll chat about and get down to some serious issues too.  Don’t forget there’s tons of great music this morning to listen to this morning.

We’ve got new Soulive, They Might Be Giants, and Peter Himmelman to play as well as the classics and some tunes you haven’t heard in a while.

On-Air Blog | Aug 01, 2007

Its August…Can you believe it?

Hey All!  It is Wednesday, August 1.  Where’d the summer go-not only am I in awe that it is already August, but I’m still getting used to it being 2007!!!!  As you may have heard this morning, I have that horrible summer side affect MOSQUITO BITES.  Some remedies I found include: banana peel rubbed on the bite, raw onion(gross), toothpaste and  soap(dry bar rubbed on).  I’ll try them, and let you know!