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On-Air Blog | Oct 30, 2007

Tuesday morning

What’s going on everyone. It’s Tom, fillining in for Michele today. Kevin’s in and we plan on having a jolly-ole time this morning with you. Check back here throughout the morning. I’ll post some stories and other inks we talk about throughout the morning here.

Great Northern: Great Northern’s MySpace Page – Their official page: greatnorthernmusic.com

David Gray: His web site with tour dates.

Energy Policy Act of 2005: From the Baltimore Sun

Hot Sauce during surgery?: The stuff that makes hot sauce hot is being used for pain relief.

The “Other Guy” of Brokeback Mountain: Kevin put Tom on the spot about the name of the star of the movie “Donnie Darko” and he couldn’t remember (aside from saying “The Other Guy from Brokeback Mountain”). Thanks to Al, who called in saying it was Jake Gyllenhaal.

The Mosquito Ringtone: This site has samples of the ring tones that are available for playback and download. We played a few on the air, how many did you hear?

On-Air Blog | Oct 18, 2007

10a-3p ending soon

Hey guys, it’s Tom in the studio with Rich.  We’re winding down our air shift together.  We want to thank everyone who pledged so far.  During our final hour together we’re offering “Dar Williams: Live at Bearsville Theater” DVD to the first 3 pledges of $100 or more.  You’ve got to call in with a pledge at 732.224.2492.  One call is on the line right now.  Come get it now.

On-Air Blog | Oct 17, 2007

Fanfest NJoy

Hi Everybody!  Lots going on this weekend at and around Monmouth Park.  I am giving away tickets to NJoy food and Wine tasting.  If you are not the lucky winner-fear not, you can find out all about it HERE.