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On-Air Blog | Jan 24, 2007

Norah Jones is keeping busy

Norah Jones has a new album coming out on Tuesday called “Not Too Late”.  She also stars alongside Jude Law in the movie “My Blueberry Nights”, which according to IMDB.com is in post-production.  That means it should be coming out soon.

On-Air Blog | Jan 22, 2007

Why is Jeff exhausted?

What an amazing weekend of music I just experienced. It was long and exhausting, but absolutely amazing. Thank god I got to sleep in late Monday. Let’s start with Friday night… Continue Reading

On-Air Blog | Jan 22, 2007

What is a Talk Box?

Not sure what a talk box is… Keller Williams uses it in his new song Life off of the up and coming Dream album.  Check this out for more info on the Talk Box and its history… what would we do without Wikipedia?  Or Tom Brennan for that matter, he gave me the low down…