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On-Air Blog | Jun 01, 2007

See you at the festival!!!

Hey everybody!  Happy Friday.  Hope to see you all at the Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival.  It should (as always) be a lot of fun!!!  Just please, think sunny thoughts.  Here’s a link to the festivals site.

On-Air Blog | May 30, 2007

Good Wednesday Morning!!!

Hey Everybody!!  Don’t cha just love 4 day work weeks?  I have some information to share with you…First, here’s that info about Suzanne Vega’s July appearance in Camden.  And here’s the information about Spoon playing the River to River Festival.

On-Air Blog | May 29, 2007

Good Tuesday Morning!!

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend in the beautiful weather!!!  Here’s that story Kevin and I mentioned…

     MILWAUKEE (AP) – Hitting on your victim probably isn’t the best
way to get a date. Police in Milwaukee report two men stuck-up a
U-Haul store Sunday. According to investigators, one of the robbers
hung around to chat-up a woman who works in the store. The manager
says the bandit was saying things like, “Hey baby, you’re pretty
fine” to the woman. But when the woman refused to give the robber
her phone number, he split. Police report they’re still looking for
the two suspects.