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News, On-Air Blog | Apr 05, 2007

What is a Satellite Party

On their web site Satellite Party explains that Satellite Party is a collective of artists and musicians who attempt to create a modern myth.  The myth surrounds the idea that renaissance artists take over the world thru the strength of their creativity.  read more…

On-Air Blog | Apr 05, 2007

Yet another reason to use cash at a retail store

It seems that a Radio Shack in Texas thinks it may have put customer records in dumpster behind the store.  The records would have included Social Security numbers, credit and debit card information, names, addresses and telephone numbers of customers.  Here’s the article I stumbled upon.
If you start paying with cash, you don’t have to worry about any of this, right?  What do you guys think?  Leave a comment.

On-Air Blog | Apr 03, 2007

Operation Mailback

Operation Mailback is a site that tells you how you can print flyers and “show it to the man” by sending back unwanted junk mailers back a message. All you do is print up the flyer, put it in the business reply envelope (that already has the postage on it), and drop it in a mailbox. The company will get charged for the mailing and maybe they’ll stop sending junk mail…or maybe not.