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Spirit Of Giving | Dec 12, 2014

The Junior League of Monmouth County

The Junior League of Monmouth County is an organization of women whose goal is to create committed permanent positive change in the lives of women and children in our county through promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. The JLMC has trained hundreds of volunteer members in its 70 year history and has created and developed hundreds of projects and programs in the area benefiting families. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. The JLMC reaches out to women of all races, religions, and national origins who have an interest in and commitment to volunteerism. There are approximately 300 Active and Sustaining members, trained as accomplished collaborators who build coalitions, identify needs and develop effective and responsive programs to serve our community.
Founded in 1939, the JLMC started with 13 members in Red Bank.. Today the JLMC is part of the Association of Junior Leagues International, which is made up of 296 Junior Leagues in 4 countries. The 170,000 plus members of the AJLI reflect a wide range of background, interests and professional pursuits. The JLMC focuses its activities on woman and children. Active members include business owners, executives, accountants, health care professionals; stay at home mothers, and other professionals. They all share an interest in and a commitment to volunteerism.

More Information: http://www.jlmc.org/

Spirit Of Giving | Dec 11, 2014

The Kortney Rose Foundation

The Kortney Rose Foundation is an organization that is dedicated to raising funds to support research and education related to the treatment and cure of pediatric brain tumors. Enhancing the quality of life of children with brain tumors requires access to excellent specialty care, clinical trials, follow-up care, and rehabilitative services. Improving the outlook for these children requires research into the causes of better treatments of brain tumors. The goal is to find a balance between the best available treatments with the best quality of life.

The fundraising efforts of the Kortney Rose Foundation will directly benefit the pediatric brain tumor research being done at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The group does several fund-raising events throughout the year including Kortney’s Challenge run/walk at Monmouth Park.

More information: http://thekortneyrosefoundation.org/

Spirit Of Giving | Dec 10, 2014

Shore House

Shore House is a Red Bank based working community of people diagnosed with mental illness which provides a platform for them to contribute their talents and abilities. Support includes assistance with education, employment, housing and other areas necessary to help participants realize their dreams and to successfully reintegrate into the community. Shore House was founded on the philosophy that people living with psychiatric illnesses can and do recover.

The working community is a partnership between the participants, whom are regarded as members, and the staff. The work is performed by both members and staff with the purpose of enhancing the community, increasing personal fulfillment and reducing the sense of isolation. The wide range of voluntary and employment opportunities prove to be restorative and set the groundwork for substantial growth in confidence and the realization of self worth.

Shore House is unique in the mental health community because it does not focus on service delivery. The members’ input and participation are essential to the work that supports program operations. They believe that all members, without differentiation based on level of functionality, have valuable contributions to offer. The focus is not on the treatment of the illness, but rather on assisting members to become vocationally and socially fulfilled, in spite of their illness.

There are no clinical services offered within our organization. Shore House refers members to psychiatric, medical, housing, and other community resources as necessary.


More information: http://shoreclubhouse.org/

Spirit Of Giving | Dec 09, 2014


Social Community Activities Network, or SCAN is New Jersey’s premier provider of continuing education and support services for adults over 50.

The group, located at Monmouth Mall, has been providing services since 1988, including, “Take Control of your Health” a program designed to help participants manage chronic conditions.

This non-profit also presents the SCAN Mall Walkers Program, which includes weekly seminars,   as well as a multitude of classes on health, fitness, arts, crafts, exercise, computer literacy, and more.


More information at: http://www.scannj.com/

Spirit Of Giving | Dec 08, 2014

Brookdale Community College Foundation

In the 21st Century, higher education isn’t a luxury, it’s vital to sustaining our communities and achieving the American dream in support of the “common good.” Higher education transforms individuals, families and communities now and for generations to come. It is a springboard to success for those who seize the opportunities that college provides. There are government grants for students who have few resources, but little in the way of help for students from average working class families. The mission of the foundation is to help deserving students , who neither qualify for state nor federal aid, achieve their dreams of a college degree.

Brookdale students juggle full time and part time jobs, family responsibilities and college coursework simultaneously.

Most students, however, don’t qualify for federal or State aid simply because they “make too much money” as defined by federal or State formulas and guidelines used to determine “need.” These students of hard-working, middle class families are left to either take out loans, increase their work hours or reduce their course load thereby delaying and sometimes forfeiting their educational goals.

The funds raised are made possible by the generous support of alumni, faculty, administration, individuals, companies and organizations who value and recognize the vital role that Brookdale plays in educating Monmouth County people of all backgrounds, abilities and ages.