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Set Your Stream Free

Did you know that you don’t need to be tethered to the computer to hear our streams?

There are many ways you can listen to our webstream and most of the time they will improve the quality of the stream coming through.

All the products below all behave in somewhat the same manner. The all have the ability to send audio (streamed or local audio library) using a network feed. That network feed can be wired or wireless. Some units can be controlled using a remote control that comes with the device. Others require you to control the audio from your computer. If you plan on running your local audio library the computer you have that on will be to be hooked into a network and turned on (for the units to retrieve the data)

Some units like AirPort Express Base Station with AirTunes (retail $129) can send audio wirelessly using iTunes for Mac or PC. This requires you control the audio from you computer.

Roku makes a unit called the Soundbridge M1000 (retail $199) that used a wired or wireless (extra) network connection. A remote can be used to scroll through your streaming or local audio library.

The other unit that has been getting attention is the SqueezeBox by Slim Devices (retail $299) runs on a wireless connection and can be controlled by remote.

There are a few other units available out there, but hopefully this will bring to light some options you have when you plan on taking your online listening experience with you from your desk to your living room or kitchen.

note: Some units do not support all formats (mp3, aac+, wmv, etc.). Please check to see if the product you want is compitable wit the stream you want to hear.