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Common questions about HDRadio Technology:

Q: Do I need to get a new radio?
A: Yes. To listen to digital AM and FM programming you need an HD Radio receiver. New and exciting products are already at your local consumer electronics store. For detailed product information and a complete buyer’s guide, visit hdradio.com.

Q: Does HD Radio Technology have a subscription fee?
A: No. HD Radio broadcasting is FREE; there are no subscription fees. Once you’ve purchased your new HD Radio receiver, you can get digital AM and FM stations, including HD2 and HD3 channels with more music, sports and news.

Q: Is HD Radio broadcasting the same as satellite radio?
A: No. HD Radio broadcasting is your favorite local AM and FM radio station broadcasting digitally, producing radically improved sound, and many more new FREE FM channels.

Q: How does HD Radio broadcasting sound?
A: You will be amazed by the FM-like sound of AM and the superior CD-like sound of FM HD Radio stations. Unwanted static, hiss, pops and fade-outs are a thing of the past with an HD Radio receiver.

Q: What are HD2 and HD3 channels and how do I get them?
A: HD2 and HD3 means more FM channels and new programming available from local FM stations, which you can ONLY hear on your new HD Radio receiver by just tuning up or down the dial. Across the country, local FM stations are offering a wide variety of new formats on their HD2 and HD3 channels: reggae, blues, classic jazz, future country, new alternative, deep tracks, bluegrass and local artists. Visit hdradio.com to find the new stations in your area.

Q: What is iTunes® Tagging?
A: It‘s a new feature that enables HD Radio receivers to remember songs you tag. Song information will be uploaded to the iPod so when you sync your iPod with your computer you can preview and purchase them from the iTunes Store.

Q: Can I get text information on my HD Radio receiver?
A: Yes. Radio stations are offering a variety of useful messages that scroll across radio display screens, including:
• Artist name and song title
• Live weather and traffic alerts
• Local news, sports scores and school closings
• Emergency information and much more!

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