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Web Stream Interuptions

Thank you for accessing this web site. Due to restrictions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 0f 1998 90.5 The NIGHT is unable to bring you this special programming. We are proud to bring you programs over the air like Classic Rewind, and Artist of the Week but to remain compliant with the DMCA we must cancel our webcast during the times these programs run.Once we resume our normal programming, we will return to simulcast our broadcast over the internet.

Brookdale Public Radio is unable to amend this issue alone, and is complying lawfully with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

If you feel the need to help, you can visit the following web sites. Brookdale Public Radio, 90.5 The NIGHT does not take any responsibility for information at these sites, but is providing this information as a public service.

  • US House of Representatives Home Page
  • US Senate Home Page
  • US Library of Congress
  • US US Copyright Office
  • Wikipedia Entry on DMCA
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Archive of the DMCA