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Introduction to membership
As you probably know, membership is the backbone of Brookdale Public Radio. More than half our annual budget comes from the listeners who don’t merely enjoy public radio, but make it a reality with their financial support. People just like you.
Due to statewide budget cuts in education, your financial support is more important than ever before. Your membership support during this time will directly affect our mission to serve our listeners with better quality programming and information.
As a member you’re an indispensable part of the 90.5 The NIGHT family. I hope you’ll continue that relationship now.
Please take a moment to become member. You will help assure continued service from the station members have helped build, member-supported quality public broadcasting for Central New Jersey.
Why Should I Support 90.5 The NIGHT
90.5 The NIGHT is your best source for news and information on radio
90.5 The NIGHT is your source for music that isn’ processed, canned, or commercialized. From folk to celtic, blues to bluegrass, songs from around the world, or just down the street, 90.5 The NIGHT keeps the music alive.
Your membership to 90.5 The NIGHT is a key factor in maintaining and improving this service. But just as important, it reaffirms to us that you support a public resource that would not exist without you.